What is Thumb Wrestling?

So what is this Crazy Sport of Thumb Wrestling?

Thumb wrestling
or thumb warring is a popular game played by two players in a tournament called a thumb-a-war (or thumb war). Thumb Wrestling competitors hook the four fingers of their right (or left) hands together such that both hands are clasped tightly. Then a short starting chant is performed and the contest begins. The winner is the player who can pin or hold the opponents thumb down for as long as it takes to say 1-2-3-4 I-Win-Thumb-O-War!

Thumb wrestling was thought to originate from the UK, and we Brit’s have embraced this sport to such a level that you will often find Thumb Wrestling being conducted in situations where larger or more over complicated games might be inappropriate: such as in the car, a restaurant, school or at work.

The World Thumb Wrestling Championships Association were proud to hold the 1st ever official World Thumb Wrestling Championships. As Thumb Wrestling has for a long time been an under valued sport in the UK calendar, we thought this was a little surprising as nearly 50% of the population participate in thumb wrestling at least once a year. We therefore hope this event will have a long and prosperous future and we aim to be pushing the Rio 2016 Olympic committee to have Thumb Wrestling recognized as an Olympic event in the forthcoming and future Olympic games.

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