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Published on June 1st, 2016 | by UK Thumb Wrestling


Thumb Wrestling Style Profiles: The Sledger

There are many ways to thumb wrestle, and former champions have used all kinds of styles to wrestle their way to the top.

We’ll be publishing a series of guides to different styles, so you can experiment and find out which style suits you best. So, without further ado, let’s get to today’s Thumb Wrestling Style Profile: The Sledger!


Thumb wrestling is as much about mental strength as it is about physical power. If you want to play a style which attacks your opponent psychologically, then you may be a Sledger.

Sledging is a cricketing tradition in which players distract each other with offensive remarks. We don’t allow this kind of verbal abuse, but there are still sledging techniques that can get your opponent’s blood up and put them on the back foot.

First is the stare-out. Most players keep their eyes on the action, but a crafty Sledger might choose to lock eyes with their opponent, psyching them out with a display of pure focus.

Another Sledging technique is the fake-out, which aims to build your opponent’s frustration. Go for an early pin, then release your opponent, making it look like you’re toying with them. This can get your opponent’s blood up and cause them to take risks that you can capitalise on.

Sledger Training Tips:

Practice playing while staring out your opponent, using your peripheral vision to keep track of the match. Practice faking out, and try to think up other ways to psyche out your opponent. Just remember that TWTC does not permit abusive language during match play.

Thumb Wrestling superstar and 2009 World Champ Jed ‘Thumbertaker’ Bellis is a master of good-natured sledging techniques. From giving his opponent’s thumb a cheeky ‘kiss’ to kick off the match, to casually looking away and talking with the crowd during the match, the Thumbertaker has an arsenal of distracting, frustration-building weaponry to draw from.

If you want to win at thumb wrestling, you need to find the style that suits you, so read the rest of our guides and find your ultimate combat technique!

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