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Published on May 18th, 2013 | by UK Thumb Wrestling


Enter the Tigermonkey’s “Thumbwarrior”, a Documentary Feature Film

This August, the Gods of the Thumb Wrestling world will again descend upon the town of Lowestoft in England for the Annual World Thumb Wrestling Championships.

Standing tall amongst them will be U.S. contender James Isaacs, a.k.a. “Tigermonkey.” As friends and fans we have decided to support Tigermonkey’s dream by documenting his journey in “Thumbwarrior”, a documentary feature film that will follow his quest from zero to hero.

Self-proclaimed U.S. Thumb Wrestling champ, Tigermonkey, has been undefeated since the 3rd grade. As his thumb wrestling talents grew he discovered he had a real knack for the delicate art, cutting his teeth on his classmates, frat boys, jocks and stoners. Tired of not living up to his potential as he waits tables and obsesses endlessly over the martial arts, James “Tigermonkey” Isaacs now knows what he was born to do. Determined to become match fit for the World Thumb Wrestling Championships he has begun a rigorous training regime consisting of specialist-crafted thumb exercises, a protein heavy diet and a general obsession of engaging everyone he meets in an all out thumb war. But the real test will be come when Tigermonkey meets Graeme “Flash” Cunningham, reigning world champion from Scotland. And James has never been more determined. Since life is at a pretty low point, he needs this. After a relentless twelve months of personal setbacks he knows that this is his ‘time to shine’ and is certain he will win the day and make America proud at the WTWC. As he prepares in Los Angeles, Tigermonkey is optimistic. With the moral support of family, friends and fans, including his new Kickstarter friends, and combined with his incredible tenacity, he is determined to prevail, and with your help, we will be there to capture every moment of this epic journey and root for Tigermonkey to bring home the gold!

Current world champion, Flash, (who has been known to thumb wrestle with his eyes closed) will return to defend his title, but his reign is about to end: Tigermonkey is coming to town.

Help James “Tigermonkey” Isaacs realize his dream and help us capture it on film for you to enjoy. Join Team Tigermonkey today and follow his journey in this epic battle as he fights with his wits and his thumbs to bring home the gold. USA! USA! USA!

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