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Published on August 8th, 2011 | by UK Thumb Wrestling


2011 Championship Results

2011 UK Thumb Wrestling Championship Results

The 2011 UK Thumb Wrestling Championships was brimming with talent and a resounding success story for everyone involved. Those who entered and those who mearly spectated, both agreed that it was one of the most entertaining days out thay had had for quite some time and are already looking forward to the 2012 championships.

Below are the results from the 2011 UK Thumb Wrestling Championships

Mens UK Thumb Wrestling 2011 Championship Final Results

Mens UK Thumb Wrestling Finalists
The Cobra vs Flash [Winner The Cobra 2-1]

The Cobra beats Flash in the 2011 final. Do you think you can beat him in the Olympic year at the 2012 championships?

Ladies UK Thumb Wrestling Championships 2011 Final Results

Manchie ‘Fancy-a-thumble’ beat Jenny Cripps ‘Thumberlina’ [2010 champion] 2-1

Do you think you can beat Fancy-a-thumble at the 2012 championships?


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