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Published on May 27th, 2016 | by UK Thumb Wrestling


Thumb Wrestling Style Profile: The Tombstone

There are many ways to thumb wrestle, and former champions have used all kinds of styles to wrestle their way to the top.

We’ll be publishing a series of guides to different styles, so you can experiment and find out which style suits you best. So, without further ado, let’s get to today’s Thumb Wrestling Style Profile: The Tombstone!


If you’re blessed with a bigger-than-average thumb, then the Tombstone could be the move for you. The key to this technique is patience. Keep your thumb raised high, and let your opponent tire themselves out trying to reach you. Once they start to get frustrated and lose their cool, look for the opportunity to strike, and slam your thumb down in a firm, determined movement.

If your opponent escapes your grip, return your thumb to the upright position, and wait for your next opportunity. This method preserves your energy, and works well against emotional players, turning their anger and frustration against them.

Tombstone Training Tips:

Even if you’ve got the gigantic thumb required for the tombstone technique, you still can’t rest on your laurels, and you’ll need to get your tactics just right. Players with fast thumbs could prove to be your downfall, especially if you get drawn into making an attack at the wrong time. The key to the Tombstone style is patience, so practice letting your opponent tire themselves out as they try to bait you, and only attack when you’re ready.

Tombstone-style players have been highly successful in past competitions. 2014 Womens’ Champ Dayna ‘Big Digit’ Hunt is the absolute mistress of the style, using her powerful thumb to crush her opposition. Since the Tombstone relies on a devastating offensive strategy, players who use this style can be vulnerable to players who have mastered the art of escape. Practice keeping a firm pin and ensuring that your opponent never gets the chance to break free.

If you want to win at thumb wrestling, you need to find the style that suits you, so read the rest of our guides and find your ultimate combat technique!

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