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Published on June 29th, 2017 | by UK Thumb Wrestling


Thumb Wrestling Style Profile: The Bruiser

There are many ways to thumb wrestle, and former champions have used all kinds of styles to wrestle their way to the top.

We’ll be publishing a series of guides to different styles, so you can experiment and find out which style suits you best. So, without further ado, let’s get to today’s Thumb Wrestling Style Profile: The Bruiser!


Thumb wrestling requires a lot of stamina, and players’ thumbs can tire and grow sluggish quicker than you might think. The Bruiser takes advantage of this by wearing down his opponent with brutal wrestling-style moves, while concentrating on defence, before going in for a crushing victory.

The key to being a Bruiser is keeping up the pressure and relying on your superior strength and stamina to outlast your opponent. Rather than going straight for the pin, Bruisers use a range of attacks to drain their opponents’ energy levels: push their thumb back to put pressure on the knuckle, or attack with sidelong blows which force your opponent to concentrate on defence. Once you feel your opponent tiring, go in for the kill.

Bruiser Training Tips:

To be a Bruiser takes some serious strength and an equal amount of skill, so practice is a must. Build strength by doing thumb-only press ups, and build stamina by flexing your thumb joints. When training, your aim should be to develop the power and energy you need to utterly dominate your opponent. As well as your thumb, you’ll need to build arm strength and flexibility.

Bruisers have traditionally done well in the WTWC, with 2016 winner Paul ‘Under the Thumb’ Browse using his brute strength and will to win to batter his opponents into submission.

If you want to win at thumb wrestling, you need to find the style that suits you, so read the rest of our guides and find your ultimate combat technique!

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