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Published on August 7th, 2016 | by UK Thumb Wrestling


The 2016 World Thumb Wrestling Championships Event Round Up

The 8th Ever World Thumb Wrestling Championships Took place at the Locks Inn, Geldeston on the 6th of August 2016 and it was the biggest and best year yet – and a newly wed couple scooped both titles – what a story!

Tesco TWC

On a gorgeous summers afternoon at The Locks Inn, the new home of World Thumb Wrestling near to the town of Beccles in Suffolk the worlds best thumb wrestlers descended on what was one of the most hotly contested championships to date. The world thumb wrestling championships really does pull in competitors from all four corners of the globe and this year we were proud to welcome contestants from as far as America, Poland, Germany, Australia, India, and South Africa.

Hundreds of spectators were drenched in a thumb-too-thumb combat of the highest standing in what has become a global thumb-nomenon of a sport. Since the event the W.T.W.C.’s have been inundated with offers for the W.T.W.C. team to hold special thumb wrestling events from a wide range of international partners. The W.T.W.C. team are even in Hong Kong this weekend holding a Hong kong masters tournament.

So please don;t worry if you can’t attend the 2017 World thumb Wrestling Championships. The W.T.W.C. may well be coming to a country near you soon. Time to get those thumbs working Thumb Wrestling fans!

Men’s 2016 world thumb wrestling champion?

The Men’s Champion was Paul ‘Under-The-Thumb’ Browse, from Lowestoft in Suffolk, England, beating 31 other competitors to the claim the World Thumb Wrestling Championshipstrophy, the winners prize bag [kindly supplied by Tescos mobile the winners trophy and of course the kudos of being the world thumb wrestling champion of the world.

In the final he beat firm thumb wrestling favorite and a competitor always happy to play the pantomime villain role, namely Jed ‘The Thumbertaker’ Bellis, from Pakefield in Suffolk, England. The final went all the way to a third bout decider, it was close fought, and with 15 seconds left on the clock which help him win the battle and take the world title home to Suffolk with him.

Ladies 2016 world thumb wrestling champion?

The ladies title was one by Becky ‘Dark Destoyer’ Browse from Lowestoft in Suffolk, England she beat 2 time world champion Jennifer ‘Thumberlina’ from Ellingham in Norfolk. This completed what was a truly epic days thumb wrestling. The dark destroyer had been training all month along with husband Paul ‘Under-The-Thumb’ Browse and their hard work paid off as they both won the title for what we think is the occurrence of a husband and wife team both holding world championships at the same time!

Losing ladies finalist thumberlina was in her 3rd world title final and is now just one behind ladies record holding ladies world thumb wrestling champ Dayna ‘Big Digit’ Hunt who the crowd we disappointed to learn had injured her thumb in an exhibition match in Estonia on the thursday before this years championships. She apologized to her fans and promised to be back in 2017 to take her title back for a 4th time.

Mark Wright, Official W.T.W.C. Match Referee said:

‘ Paul ‘Under-The-Thumb’ Browse was clearly determined to land his title and we learnt that he had been on a rigorous training regime for the 4 weeks leading up to the event’.

‘This hard work clearly paid off for him and he now makes his journey up from Lowestoft all the more worth it. We look forward to seeing him and his wife try and retain his title next year when we expect the event to again be held at the new mecca of thumb wrestling at The Locks inn at Geldeston’

Husband and Wife World Thumb Wrestling Champions Paul ' Under-The-Thumb' Browse and Becky 'Dark Destoyer' Browse

Husband and Wife World Thumb Wrestling Champions Paul ‘ Under-The-Thumb’ Browse and Becky ‘Dark Destoyer’ Browse – thanks Jeff Spicer/PA for the image

Rory Van Bellis Head of the World Thumb Wrestling said:

We were happy to take the World Thumb Wrestling to the Beccles area again this year and the hosts at the geldeston locks were very accommodating. Such an oddly idyllic location for a such a hard fought battle. This year was bigger and better than ever with a major national sponsor on-board in Tesco Mobile. We would like to thank them and their Rocket Packs Tariff for helping to make it such a great and memorable contest.

For the event to generate husband and wife title holders is quite unbelievable. Now there just needs to be a match between these two to decide the ultimate champ, we reckon. Big Well done to Under-The-Thumb and the Dark Destoryer’. ‘Everyone had lots of fun and we expect to bring the champs back to Beccles for 2017’

If anyone wants to buy official merchandise or if you want to throw your thumb into the ring and commit to entering to 2017 event, this can be done at The Thumb Wrestling Store.

Winners contact details for Media organisations

  • 2016 Mens World Thumb Wrestling Champion – Paul ‘Under-The-Thumb’ Browse from Lowestoft, Suffolk, England – Call on: 07525 916 743
  • 2016 Ladies World Thumb Wrestling Champion – Becky ‘Dark Destoyer’ Browse from Lowestoft, Suffolk, England – Call on 07792 194 646
  • World Thumb Wresting Spokesperson: 0044 [0]1502 797007
An official thumb wrestling ring.  With Indian entrant Jesal  'Backbender' Sheth and Englands Emily -AB-Fab-Thumb' Reynolds in action in their first round bout - thanks again to Jeff Spicer/PA for the image

An official thumb wrestling ring. With Indian entrant Jesal ‘Backbender’ Sheth and Englands Emily -AB-Fab-Thumb’ Reynolds in action in their first round bout – thanks again to Jeff Spicer/PA for the image

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