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Published on July 29th, 2014 | by UK Thumb Wrestling


2014 Pre-Championship Press Release

All of the world’s very best thumb athletes have got only one place on their mind for this saturday and that is Lowestoft in Suffolk.

On August 2ND 2014, international champions from across the globe are set to converge on Lowestoft for the 6th annual World Thumb Wrestling Championships

With contestants flying in from Wales, Ireland, Poland, Australia, Holland, France, America, South Africa and elsewhere – all hardened thumb wrestling champions in their own lands – this is one truly global event. And it’s really handy for those looking to try out one of the world’s increasingly popular sports, too. When we live in a ‘digit-al’ age like today, sometimes it’s simply best to take a break from technology and return to good, old fashioned, manly thumb-wrestling.

This is one sport that won’t soon find itself ‘indexed’ in the annals of history, and it’s great exercise, too. After this year’s dramatic turn of events, when all the rings, outfits, and championship accessroies were lost by the producers of ‘Come Dine With Me’, many feared that the world famous tournament wouldn’t go ahead, but this year it’s back. With a vengerance.

Will Tiger-Monkey Make a Suprise Return to Defend his & America’s Title?

Current Mens’ Champion, James ‘Tiger Monkey’ Isaacs is hoping to return this year to defend his recent, narrowly-won title. He has encountered problems, however, and his attendance is 50/50 due to the $2000 costs required to transport him to the tournament, and is currently seeking a last minute sponsor. Hailing from the US of A, the legendary Tiger Monkey is rumoured to have acquired his name after asphyxiating both a tiger and a somewhat large monkey using only his bare thumbs. – Watch how Tiger Monkey won lasts yeas event.

Watch out Thumbertaker is back this year, 2009 champ chomping at the bit for glory once again!

However, terrifyingly muscular past champion Jed ‘the Thumbertaker’ Bellis is set to make a return to this year’s event. And he’s doing it for England. The Thumbertaker’s astoundingly powerful thumbs have garnered fame and recognition from Australia to Azerbaijan. It’s believed that they’ve even been featured on the front cover of ‘Time’ magazine, and several mysterious tales abound regarding the Thumbertaker’s battle hardened digits. Some say they double as allen keys. Some say they will be banned entry to Scotland if it splits from England. Some say that they could fire Alan Sugar. Some say that they’re not machine washable. All we know is, they’re certain to provide one heck of a challenge for anyone hoping to try their luck with ‘the Thumbertaker’. – Read about the Thumbertaker win in the Telegraph

Ladies Champ Dayna ‘Big Digit’ Hunt is going for the Triple Crown of 3 titles in a row!

The reigning Ladies’ Champion is also going to be back to defend her hard-earned title. If she’s successful, she’ll be the only competitor to have ever won the prestigious triple crown award for three victorious years in the title spot. And Dayna ‘Big Digit’ Hunt will be sure not to give up easily. It’s often said that she’s been trained by no one less than a gigantic, animate thumb itself, and that she lives all alone in the wilds of Norfolk, only thumbing small woodland animals to death for food. – Read about ‘Big Digit’ in a recent the Financial Times Article.

Rory van Bellis from the W.T.W.C. had this to say: ‘Nothing could have prepared us for the astounding success of last year’s tournament, and we can only begin to imagine how terrific this one will be. As we’ve already garnered a substantial amount of fame because of last year’s reuters international coverage, as well as a $12,000 documentary being made about the championship, this year’s tournament is definitely set to be the best so far with so much pre-championship from international media institutions’.

‘What with little or no events being held in Lowestoft this year, we are sure that the championship will do much to bring fame and money to the town, which is fast becoming the world’s premier thumb wrestling pilgrimage site. Last year alone, we estimated that the tournament was worth over £100,000 to the town’s economy, and many contestants love to bring their families along with them and make a holiday of lovely Lowestoft. At W.T.W.C., we’re proud that our sport can help inject fresh life, fame and finances into the local community. If you want to watch and unusual and interesting sport, come and see the World Thumb Wrestling Championships at the Stanford Arms in Lowestoft this saturday from 14:00 onwards’ – If you want to find out more about World Thumb Wrestling you can watch Rory as he be appearing Live on BBC World News Service TV at 07:50 am on the saturday of the event talking about the championships to millions of people worldwide.

PLEASE NOTE: This year’s championship has changed to a new location, and will be thumbing off from 2pm at the Camra pub of the year, The Stanford Arms in Lowestoft, with prizes generously supplied by the tourism website for Lowestoft in Suffolk. There are a few places left so people can turn up on the day and still enter.

For rules, more information, to enter, and further competition details, please visit

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